Pelleting Process and Pelleting Technology

Founded in 1975, it is our corporate goal to help feed manufacturers improve the quality of their animal fodder and to solve challenging production problems. Not only do we supply premium products, but we also provide excellent technical support and service based on over 31 years experience in the binding agent and international animal feed additive manufacturing business. We provide the following free services to our customers:


Over time, Uniscope has established a system of tests to determine the overall efficiency of the pellet binders and lubricants which we offer. This procedure even records feed production settings and has proved extremely beneficial for clients in the past.

For pellet durabilities, we use the Kansas State Tumbling can method. Uniscope developed a block hardness tester for pressed blocks and a method for evaluating water stability in aquatic feeds.

Feed Mill Evaluations

It is a wise decision to have your feed mill evaluated by a third party resource. Uniscope offers feed mill evaluations which include an inspection of the entire facility, the process of materials to finished feed products, and company-specific quality control procedures. The inspection process is followed by a detailed report from Uniscope which identifies areas for improvement and the overall quality rating of your animal feeds and production scheme.

Pelleting Presentations

This hour long presentation is based on our Guide To Feed Pelleting Technology booklet. It is an excellent opportunity to educate feed mill personnel on an overview of the pelleting process from ingredient selection through production.

Aquatic Feed Presentations

This presentation is a culmination of experience gathered from international shrimp feed processing.


Our customers are important and we do everything within our power to answer questions or find a solution to a problem. We address mechanical, steam and formulation problems to help achieve production and quality objectives.