Pellet Binders, Lignin Sulfonate, and Binding Agents


Founded in 1975, Uniscope is a research-development company that manufactures and markets a complete line of pellet binders, water stability binders, anti-bridging agents, pellet lubricants, and additives for use in the production of pelleted and extruded animal feeds.

Our animal feed additives are used extensively in the United States and throughout the World to improve the quality of pelleted and extruded feeds.

In addition to supplying the feed industry with the most complete line of pelleting aids, Uniscope also provides the following animal feed services:

  • Animal feed testing
  • Feed mill evaluations
  • Educational pelleting presentations
  • Aquatic feed processing presentations

It is our goal to help improve the quality of your feeds and to solve challenging production problems. Our products can reduce fines, reduce bridging, increase hardness, improve water repellency, and increase production rates. Not only do we supply premium products, but we also provide excellent technical support and service based on over 31 years experience in the feed manufacturing business.

We have developed a standard testing procedure to accurately record production settings and to measure the performance of pellet binders and lubricants. The process is simple- for a complete and confidential evaluation, Uniscope will: visit the plant, have discussions with the mill personnel, inspect the processing equipment, inspect the steam system, review processing conditions, and review the pellet quality control program. After the inspection we provide a detailed report with suggestions to improve the quality of your feeds and processing system.

Contact Uniscope today and discover how their expertise in pellet binders and animal feed additives can benefit your business.

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This feed was produced in a facility certified in the American Feed Industry
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